Terms and Conditions

General Terms

  • Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice for your individual circumstances.
  • This website is not intended to market King @ Law's services outside the state of North Carolina.
  • Any information submitted to King @ Law is subject to the North Carolina Bar Associations ethics rules for confidentiality.
  • Mr. King is not an expert in any specific area of law.
  • No purchase of legal services will be considered final unless approved by King @ Law. In rare cases, Mr. King may be required to refund your purchase if a conflict of interest is discovered, or for any other reason.
  • All fees are considered earned, due, and payable when a legal service is purchased.

Scope of Service

Divorce Filings. King @ Law's uncontested divorce filings service is for uncontested divorce by clerk. Additional legal services may be needed depending on your spouse's response, your legal claims, and other circumstances. This service includes:

  • Drafting a Complaint, a legal document that starts a lawsuit.
  • Completing the Summons, which notifies your spouse of the lawsuit.
  • Completing an SCRA Affidavit, which confirms your spouse is not in the military.
  • Service of process via certified mail using your spouse's address you provide.
  • After 30 days, a motion for default judgment in favor of divorce.
  • Up to two 30-minute phone meetings with an attorney.

This service will require your cooperation, including providing an accurate address for your spouse.

Mediation/Arbitration. King @ Law's mediation/arbitration package includes the following for up to 30 days:

  • An introductory call
  • A collection of statutes and caselaw relevant to your dispute
  • Gathering and sharing evidence between the parties
  • Sharing settlement offers between the parties
  • Up to three 15-30 minute phone calls with each party
  • A summary of what was agreed to if mediation is successful

Contracts. King @ Law's services for business contracts, prenups, separation agreements, trust documents, operating agreements, Terms of Use, or other contract services include the following:

  • One draft document based on client input
  • Up to three 30-minute meetings
  • Up to two rounds of revision

All-in-One Divorce Filings. This package includes everything covered by the uncontested divorced filings service and the contracts service (for the separation agreement). The attorney may also provide some additional analysis, advice, and negotiation support in their discretion.