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David King, Attorney
King @ Law

King @ Law's slogan is "The Honest Attorney." That's because Mr. King provides honest work, advice, and billing without the games.

How We’re Different


Many law firms routinely inflate their hours, encourage litigants to lie, or provide "legal advice" that amounts to a sales pitch for excessive litigation. King @ Law offers honest work without the games.


Many law firms can't tell you how much they will charge. King @ Law offers more certainty with flat-rate and contingency billing that includes expenses. No more blank checks.


King @ Law embraces modern business practices and technology. For example, Mr. King reduces costs by working from a virtual office and avoids archaic practices like excessive legalese.


King @ Law's clients always have direct contact with the lawyer that is actually doing their legal work. No getting shuffled around by admins. No losing job-hopping lawyers mid-stream.

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